The 120 Club is THE survival manual for this century.

Bob Bogdan - Professor of Sociology & Education - Syracuse University

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The 120 Club
Living the Good Life for 120 Years. Health and Vitality in an Age of Transformation.
By Phil Rose


"In order to live to 120 we will have to alter our diets more radically than we have thought in the past. Just loosing a few pounds will not be enough. While there are a thousand eating programs currently on the market, I will not attempt to critique them all. Some are excellent and some less so. They are all attempting to have us eat healthier and this is very good. I have developed some guidelines or "principles of good eating" that you can follow in critiquing your own favorite diet programs and in helping you eat what I consider to be the best diet to reach a 120 years."

"Each of us goes through various phases of development in relation to physical exercise. There may be times when it is at the forefront of our lives or when it barely visible. We need to look at the overall impact of these experiences as our bodies grow and change. Nonetheless, if you want to live a long and healthy life, you must persist against any old and unhelpful family and social traditions and personal bad habits. Making the decision to exercise regularly is crucial and it is a decision to be made day after day, week after week, year after year. While the decision gets easier when it becomes a regular part of our lives, it remains difficult because of what we are all up against every day."

Emotional Healing
"Some of what has emerged in the name of healing I find questionable. I am deeply concerned that so many people have taken to using anti-depressant drugs. I'm angry that our children are increasingly being medicated on any number of "behavioral drugs" like Ritalin. I see this as just making people chemically dependent without addressing the underlying issues or offering real healing.

Professionals are handing out pills as wholesale remedies for emotional stress, depression, lack of sleep, acting out ("bad behavior") and other forms of "mental illness." These so called therapies are very expensive and because they are funded by insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare, they support the multi-million dollar pharmaceutical industry and the medical system's answer to emotional healing. I know we can do better."

"To survive and flourish we need to have people in our lives. To live to 120 will definitely require that we surrounded ourselves with love, support and help. It will also require that we offer effective and practical love, support, and help to others. We need people who cheer us on, care for us and respect us. We need people who won't get confused when we make mistakes and who will come after us when we get lost. We all need a small circle of close friends and allies to keep us connected and alive. We need a community. Money and personal ambition only go so far in giving us a deep and meaningful life. The problem, however, is finding and keeping good friends. It is not as easy as it sounds."